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Email marketing tips are so much important for marketing people which can help you get right email etiquette and email marketing strategies to push your campaigns successfully in a few steps easily.  

Marketing is something we experience every day, being bombarded by ads and asks for Likes, Subscribes, and Follows to stay up to date with many brands and products. While we may experience it, it’s a bit harder to materialize our own strategy when we have our own brand or product we want others to stay connected to. Luckily, check out the following practical email marketing tips and these can help you improve the email marketing efforts and send your email marketing into overdrive.

Growing Your List

Define your email marketing goals

The first thing you need to figure out is what your goal is. Do you want to increase foot traffic to your site? Do you want to incentivize folks to patronize your store either online or in person? This is an important question to answer, which can partially be answered by what you’re trying to market. Selling product online makes it easy and simple to give deals and coupons to get customers to click that Purchase button once they’ve filled their cart, and if you have a blog, podcast, or other media that can be consumed, it’s definitely important to make sure that your followers are coming back for each new episode.

Practical ways

Next, you need to consider how you’re going to incentivize signing up to get emails addresses. One of the best ways to get people to subscribe is bribing them. Quid pro quo has worked before that idiom was created back in Ancient Rome. So, don’t be ashamed to use it because it works. Now, let’s move into some ways to get folks to subscribe and follow your line of products.

If you have a consumable product, like food, beauty products, and that ilk, giving out free samples is a must. So much memory is tied to smells and tastes that brand loyalty is a strong force that is embedded deep within your psyches. You need to help them form positive memories about your own product. Free samples are something only the most skeptic individuals will turn down. Most will take the chance to try your product.

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When trying a new product, most are very unwilling to break their habits and risk their money on something new. What’s a great way to incentivize risk-taking? Lowering the price, of course. Giving them a discounted sample or gift certificate can really make them feel their patronage is valued. So, bite the bullet here and cut into your profit margin to get even more people to try your product.

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Offering testimonials and reviews weekly is a great way to show folks what your product is all about. It also allows them to see how they can use it. You can also offer them interesting other uses that they may not have considered.

Video form is the best way to showcase your product. You can show them how the item works, what it’s made out of, giving them a window into the quality and care that you put into the product, adding value that may be otherwise difficult for potential customers to visualize.

Personalize Your Email List Segmentations

Something that we’ve all noticed is how generic email blasts can be at times, sometimes to a surprisingly uninspired level. Techniques have gotten better, and it doesn’t require a lot to customize your email blasts. If you have his and hers for your product, you should differentiate your email blasts so that the correct item is sent to the correct market segment. Always be on the lookout for ways to differentiate your customers and make them feel unique. Giving different specials and discounts across different market segments can also be a great way to test each one and determine which ones are best.

One of the most effective ways to differentiate customers is based on their loyalty to your brand. You can give long-time subscribers extra benefits or even gifts as a thank you for their long-time support. Customers that have spent certain dollar amounts or ordered a certain number of items should also be rewarded as well. Don’t forget that people do love to feel special and that they matter, so take the time, effort, and money to show them you care and appreciate their loyalty.

Improving Email Open Rates

Dodging Spam Filters

Spam traps and filters are an ISP’s primary way to protect their customers from spammers. They are actually email addresses designed to identify and track spammers. If you trigger them, you’re automatically flagged as a spammer. Both your IP and “from the domain” get blocked, your deliverability rates drop drastically, and you may need up to a year to restore your reputation.

Something else to watch out for are recycled spam traps. These are inactive email addresses that an ISP acquires after a certain period of inactivity. If your email hits an address like this, luckily, the results aren’t as detrimental. Either your email service provider or your client will notify you that your email bounced, informing you of this email’s dormancy. If you continue to send emails to inactive emails, you’ll be recorded as a spammer.

Next, ISPs use spam filters, a program that uses varying criteria to filter out unsolicited bulk mail, making sure it never reaches its target. These programs scrutinize your emails down to the minutest details, filtering out irrelevant and poorly-written content are lost to the ether.

How do you avoid becoming a spammer

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It’s a great idea to use a recognizable email address, preferably with your name or brand, so that your recipients can recognize you. With the vast ocean of subscriptions we have now, being able to recognize you at a glance is invaluable to getting your email looked at. 43% of email recipients will sort your mail as spam based only on what the form field says. Also, spam filters also pay attention to this as well. If your IP address changes, this may trigger ESPs to check your veracity. So, don’t change your email or IP too much or you may get blocked.

You can search for third parties to help certify your emails and verify your trustworthiness. This will guarantee the vast majority of your emails reach inboxes.

If your IP is already associated with shady practices, you’ll feel the burn, and your emails will be caught before they ever reach your followers’ inboxes. Go online and check if your IP has any problems.

Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to test it out to make sure things go as you expect. Mail Tester can help you test your quality. It mimics filters, and you can use their feedback to improve your deliverability.

This is boring but necessary. You need to always know how emails are handled, especially in regards to spam. This will only benefit your triggered email marketing campaigns for a long time.

Avoiding spam traps and filters, you need to make sure your list is fresh and clean, void of dead emails.


It’s actually against most ISP’s Terms of Service. Also, thanks to the CAN-SPAM Act, selling or transferring addresses is illegal. Also, people look down on this and will not respond positively to some random person inexplicably gaining access to their address. Don’t forget a lot of this info could be out of date, decreasing your deliverability.

Remember that bounces lead to more catches from spam traps and filters. Get rid of these emails before it’s too late!

Any subscribers that aren’t opening and looking should be gotten rid of because they can also affect your deliverability.

Make sure your subscribers really want your content or products. So, after they subscribe, send a confirmation email to make sure. It’ll prevent your deliverability from decreasing.

The CAN-SPAM Act requires you to provide the unsubscribe option, so do it. It’ll allow those dormant and bounce emails from never reaching your list.

How to Write a Great Email Newsletter

Now, writing can be a difficult task. You’re always worried if you’re adding in the right content or if it’s boring. So many things you could do wrong! Well, it’s more important to be earnest than a great writer. Write from your heart, follow these rules, and you’ll see your newsletters improve over time.


Watch Your Subject Lines

69% of people will determine if an email is spam based on this line, so make sure your subject line stay away from words that’ll trigger spam traps and filters. Words like “free”, “best price”, “cash”, and “no obligation” will not end well. So, check what words to avoid to keep your subject lines preferable for your subscribers. Stay away from words that’ll trigger spam traps and filters. Words like “free”, “best price”, “cash”, and “no obligation” will not end well. Check here for more words you should avoid.

Also try and keep your subject line to less than 50 characters if possible. Unless you really got a zinger!

One thing is make sure your subject line does one (or more) of 4 things: urgent, unique, specific, and pertinent. If your subject line doesn’t have at least one of these, then get back to the drawing board.

Some of the wonderful examples:

“Do not open this email”

“Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)”

“What Did You Think? Write a Review.”

“1,750 points for you. Valentine’s flowers & more for them.”

Have the Right Body

email marketing writing tips

Spam filters will also check your content as well. They’ll definitely mark you as spam based on your content and images. Everything matters design, fonts, attachments, embeds, and images.

So make sure your images display correctly. This is similar to rich media. Anything that doesn’t work right will make you look less professional and hurt your credibility.

Tone down your fonts and colors. It can make your emails see childish and clickbaity.

Some people do not like reading long paragraphs or big blocks of texts, so make it easier for them to go through the content:

  1. Add subheadings
  2. Use bullet points
  3. Highlight (bold or italicize) vital information
  4. Use short sentences and paragraphs
  5. Maintain correct spelling and grammar.
  6. 6. Add an email signature

This is a great one that balances rich media with a simple design layout that really engages you and pulls you toward its content.


Watch Your Tone!

Email etiquette still exists and using all caps WILL MAKE PEOPLE UNSUBSCRIBE. DON’T DO IT. KEEP IT LIKE A NORMALLY FORMATTED TEXT. There, that’s better. Also, 85% of people prefer an all lowercase subject line. Also, don’t abuse exclamation points. They don’t evoke urgency but something that isn’t true in its message.

Measure Your Results

measure your email marketing results

As long as your emails were sent out, you’ll be able to start evaluating the success of your campaign. Be mindful of the metrics when you are designing, implementing, and analyzing your newsletters: opens, open rate, click-through rate, bounces, unsubscribe rate and shares. And also track:

This can help you redirect your efforts in case things aren’t going the way you planned, and let’s be honest, nothing ever, ever goes as planned.


What does it take to make a successful email or newsletter? Well, for every email marketing tip and email marketing strategy you may get, you’ll have to make your own path because your clients are unique, and treat them that way. Make sure that they all feel accepted and that you offer information or products that they want. Never forget you’re there for them and make sure they get what they’re looking for.

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