DIY Shape Collage


New Feature: Shape Collage

Using Shape Collage you can use clip arts, text, and funky shapes as templates for your collage.  Shape Collage turns your collage of photos into a picture in and of themselves, so you can add greater depth and meaning to your photo narratives.

So let me introduce you to Shape Collage.  I’ll take you through step by step:

Down below is our home page.  Click on the Collage button above the flying man.


If you are already inside fotor the square button below will bring you to the collage feature.


Click on the Shape Collage button.  It’s the four leaf clover.


Click the Open button here and choose where to upload your photos from.  You can upload up to 50 pictures.


The collage feature will automatically upload your photos to the collage.


You can change the color of the background and change Art Shape of your collage over here.  We have many shapes to choose from.


Apart from changing the shape and color you can also change the layout.  Play around with these tools.


When you click layout you can view the pictures behind your collage and drag them around to different locations.


You can also add extra shapes or written text to your collage.


And there you go! Here is the final product.


We hope you enjoy our Shape Collage feature and stay tuned for new updates!  If you want to get started right now here is a link to our Shape Collage feature.

– the fotor team

















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