Color Splash spring into your photo


Happy spring everyone! We think the new Color Splash is really cool and we hope you do too.

Color Splash always let you awesomely paint splashes of color into an otherwise black and white photo. But now we have added even more awesomeness to this awesome tool!

With the added ability to choose from an array of Base and Brush-in colors, you can now choose exactly how you Color Splash. Plus this is just in time for your spring photos!

Let’s get started:

First, upload a photo to Color Splash. The photo first appears in black and white. Next, use the brush to Color Splash the photo!

Black and white photo before color splash is addedUse the brush to add color to the photo. (Woops… No problem! There is an eraser in case you make a mistake!)
Adding color to a spring photoUSEFUL TIP:  Zoom in to deal with the finer details.

Color Splash beautiful spring photoIn the left-hand toolbar select the Base color as well as the Brush-In color. You can also adjust the intensity.

Change the base or brush-in colorsIf you select Switch, you see how it looks in reverse! Awesome, right?

Beautiful spring flower

In the examples below the flower stays black and white and the background is in color. Changing the Base color only effects the background.

Collage of color splash photos of spring flowers

With these examples we selected Inverse. The flower retains color and the background  is black and white. Changing the base color effects the background. (You are being SO… monochromatic!)

Collage of color splash photos of spring flowers

We also recommend playing around with the Base color and the Brush-In color for all different combinations of fun!

Cool, eh? We hope you like the new and improved Color Splash. Let us know what you think but first come try Color Splash!

Click on these links to learn about changes to:

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Good photo editing to ya!

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I could not get something to turn very red…just pale. What am I doing wrong? black and white photo but I want the balloon red.


I am having same problem did you get it yet


no :-(. I no longer use 🙁