Fotor iOS: Instantly add multiple photos in Collage


Previously on Fotor for iPhone you had to manually place each photo one by one into your collage. Not anymore! Now grab your photos in one swoop to instantly appear in your collage.

Let’s check out the new feature plus review the basics of Photo Collage.

But first watch this video to see how to instantly add up to 7 photos to your Collage!

1) Enter Fotor on your iPhone. Enter the Collage feature and you are immediately taken to your photo box.

2) Pick up to 7 photos!
Add multiple photos to your collage!

3)You have many Border options under the Colors, Classic, and Funky categories.

4)Tap adjust to move the photos around within each frame.  (Psst… you can also actually move the frames around by tapping and dragging them!)

iOS Collage border styles

5) These are your color options. (We chose black to match the blog but feel free to choose whatever you want!)

6) In Options you can adjust the size of the border, round the corners within the frames, or add shadows to the borders.

Adjust collage border color

Come to this link to check out Fotor for iPhone. Also, feel free to leave any comments below or contact us at

Good photo editing to ya!

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