Changing Color, Changing Style – with Fotor!




As we all know, color represents more than just the spectrum and wavelength of visible light, it holds special emotional meaning, and often symbolizes feelings. Due to this, the manipulation of color within an image can completely change the feeling the image produces, affecting the way we perceive it and its context.




In this instructional blog article, we will explain how to manipulate the colors of your photo, giving a different feeling and style to your work.





After opening Fotor and choosing the ‘Edit’ function you can go to ‘Curves’ in the panel on the left-hand side and find a pull down menu. This menu will provide you with a total of 4 color options, all of which can be manipulated on a graphic display to ease in the editing process.




These 4 options directly modify the color spectrum within the image, morphing the lighting and backdrop. By experimenting with these, you can do everything from subtly changing the lighting and brightness, to transforming your photo into a masterpiece!




Remember that the most dramatic results often come from very subtle changes. If you upload an image with a limited number of colors, the results from this feature may be more dramatic, often creating a ‘negative’ of the original.




And there you have it guys! Keep checking out Fotor’s Blog for more informative instructions!

– and stay creative!


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