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Hi Guys!

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the need for both creative and romantic cards and images is seeing many people editing and modifying some amazing shots and converting them into super romantic and often very funny images.

As you all know, when it comes to creativity and card making, we at Fotor have you covered. In this article, we will show you how to take four different Valentine’s Day themed images, and also give you some advice on how to improve and modify your images.


User: karlagarciareyes27


As with all good things, the key to making a great romantic image is love! For these photos, the background is important but it is the foreground which will carry the real message.

This image perfectly captures the feeling between these two young lovers. The outdoor backdrop creates feelings of freedom, but also conveys the chilly weather. Clearly, it is the foreground which draws the most attention however, depicting the couple fixated on each other, as a testament to their love.

Tips for a great Romantic image:

– Centralise the lovers in the foreground of the image

– Choose a background which will not draw too much attention

– Focus on the faces and expression of the people, they are the most important

– Use some ‘enhance’ effects, such as Photo Retouch for a beautiful finish (


User: 95134030


Sometimes, the perfect Valentine’s image is not particularly romantic, particularly if you have no Valentine! The following image shows you don’t really need a significant other to have a great Valentine’s day.

Tips for an hilarious Funny image:

– Keep the original theme (ie. Valentine’s Day) but modify it with a comic twist

– Keep the image light and interesting

– Don’t be afraid to add stickers or captions!


User: Jelitssa Valle


Cute images are by far the most popular. Just search ‘funny cat’ anywhere on the internet and be inundated with countless pictures. Sometimes, however, a cute image can carry a deeper meaning…

 Tips for a Super Cute image:

– Focus on the eyes of any small animal to make it seem cute

– Keep the background empty or bland to highlight the features of the animal

– Adding a caption can turn a cute photo into an awesome meme!


User: Madolin


The background of an image is particularly important for capturing the right feeling and right message. Some of the most creative photos are ones that express meaning deeper than what we can directly see. Madolin has also used a brief sticker to portray a message about love and commitment, which highlights the romantic theme.

 Tips for an interesting Artistic image:

– Creativity is the key, don’t be afriad to mix up different effects

– Juxtapose various conflicting images using our Photo Collage feature (

– Contrasting different effects can produce some amazing results!

 As you can see with some of our user’s images, the use of stickers and text are very effective at spicing up and illustrating parts of your photo or message. Finding Valentine’s Day cards is as easy as…

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150212173448

And adding stickers is equally simple…

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150212173533

Whatever you message, image or photo, the key to creating and capturing the perfect Valentine’s Day sentiment is your own creativity. Play around and experiment with different effects and styles to make something truly unique!

Stay awesome, guys!

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