Beauty In The Abandoned | Abandoned Places Photography Guide



Abandoned places have become one of many photographers’ favorite subjects to photograph. These photographers are very brave and not afraid of taking risks. Sometimes it means entering these buildings are very hard for photographer while some houses sit abandoned without anyone to take care of them, but many others are often highly secured.

These places usually were mines, hospitals, factories and amusement parks. Any abandoned place can be a good shooting location. Here are a couple of shooting tips we at Fotor want to give you before your discovery of these secret spots.

A flashlight is the primary equipment required in abandoned places photography. Many of those places are without electricity and with very limited natural light. Using a flashlight can both provide you necessary light and let you go creative with off-camera lighting.

A wide angle lens can make the the buildings look empty in photographs. Besides, it can also help you include as many objects as you can in a photo, especially when shooting in very limited spaces.

Try to pay attention to the discarded items such as chairs, books, phones and other remnants from days gone by. Focusing on a single objects can provide a powerful centerpiece to the image.

Shooting from creative angles can emphasize the natural characters of these places. You can choose shooting from low angles or high angles, and these can really affect the final look of your photographs.


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