3 Tips for Using Colors in Your Photos



Succinct colors and bright images, our world is surrounded by a menagerie of colors at any given moment. Use your lens to remove any distracting elements, and use pictures with strong colors to express your understanding of colors in photography.

  • Create Surprises with Rich Colors



When many colors run together, the visual experience for the audience is much more exciting. Only by leveraging elements within a shot can you boldly insert more colors. Take a look and see what magical effects will be born right in front of our eyes!

  • Mix Two Colors for a Refreshing Feel



Try mixing together two colors in regular shapes, patterns, and lines to create photos completely fresh and alluring feelings. Also, having only two colors in your shots to make your composition even easier.

  • Similar Colors Breed Harmony



The same types of colors don’t have the same saturation, hues, and brightness. Take these similar yet different colors and blend them in the same picture to create a completely harmonious feel in the shot.

After getting these tips shared on Fotor, go out and find these colors! Don’t forget to upload these on Fotor’s Hotseat under the theme Colors! Fotor will then score everyone, and of course if you run into any problems with blending colors, you can post your questions in our comment.


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