3 Practical Tips for Shooting Clouds



Today, Fotor’s sharing with you some tips that will help you take stunning photos of those white, fluffy things in the sky we call clouds.

1. Types of Clouds

When clouds come bundled together in a big group, we recommend using a wide-angle lens to get the shot.


These cumulus clouds require a telephoto lens zoomed in to capture the minute details in the clouds.


When capturing the scenery, try to isolate a cloud from the rest and have only it in your final piece. Shooting it like this can make your photo look Zen-like and clean.


2. Exposure

A polarizer can capture the most photorealistic-looking clouds.


A gradient mirror can balance the exposure between the sky and the ground.


3. Composition

When it comes to contrast, emphasizing how light a cloud is can be achieved through comparisons. For example, using a sturdy mountain in your shot can make a cloud appear fluffy and light. If you want more tips on composition, click here to see the article 3 Tips to Simplify Photo Composition.


Size comparison is also another way to get your desired effect. When faced with thick clouds that cover the scene, the best way to compose the photo is to also include humans in the shot for a sense of scale.


Look for a reflected sky because clouds mirrored in a body of water are a sight that can really be enjoyed by your audience.


The vast expanse of sky and clouds have been done quite a bit. Try framing them and create a 2-D image that is sure to pique the interest of any who sees it.


Would this article have taught you how to take the ordinary and shoot it extraordinarily? In fact, there are still many other methods you can use to shoot the sky, so feel free to explore and apply your own style to your shots. Could you want to retouch your awesome photos in minutes? Come over to Fotor to find more photo filters to try out on your images.


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