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All the best tools

The heart and soul of Fotor is photo editing, and as always, we not only provide some of the best tools available online but also make them incredibly easy to use! With our constantly updating photo editor, you can make quick and easy edits (1-Tap Enhance, resize, crop, rotate, straighten) or turn it up a notch by adjusting the lighting curve, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, or tone and colors. That's just in the basic edits! Unleash your creativity further by adding photo effects, Lomo Effects, Cool Effects, Funky Effects, Tile Effect, Blur Effect, Webcam Effects, photo frames, stickers, text, or our unique color splash, mosaic, webcam, and tilt shift tools.


Funky & creative collage maker

Try our collage maker to turn your photos into awesome collages. No matter how you want to arrange them, we have all the tools you need. From template collage, montage(free-style collage), funky collage, photo stitching and shape collage, try them all to discover your inner artist!


Lifelike photos made with HDR

HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) photography, which brings out the range of intensity levels found in real life, had previously only been available in very high-end professional cameras or by purchasing expensive software. Here at Fotor, we want you to have access to this technology, for free and all in your browser! Just take three photos, one normal-exposed, one under-exposed and another over-exposed, upload them, and let our algorithms work their magic. In just a few seconds you'll have a Tone-Mapped image that applies just the right exposure to every part of your photo. Recover the details lost in shadows or over-exposed light, all without downloading a thing!


Look your best every time

We know you're beautiful... but no one can look their best in every photo! For a little retouching, you don't need to spend hours learning Photoshop. Do it yourself, quickly and easily, with our complete Beauty Photo Retouching kit. Our awesome online makeup and photo retouching tools include skin smoothing, wrinkle remover, photo reshaping, blemish remover, red-eye remover, teeth whitening, and more! Make it your one-stop shop before sharing your photos with the world!


Creatives for the holidays

Use your photos to create fun and personalized cards in minutes using our Photo Card Maker. We have easy to use templates for all the top occasions: Birthday Cards, Thank You Cards, Holiday Cards, Valentine's Day Cards, Mother's Day Cards, Father's Day Cards, Christmas Cards, etc. And with our wide selection of stickers and fonts you can create customized cards that showcase your personality and are perfectly tailored to the people you share them with!


DIY Cover Photos and Banners

Banner Maker allows you to create social media cover photo banners and DIY all-purpose customizable banners (which are especially useful for small businesses, blogs, and projects). With banner maker you can personalize banners for Facebook Covers, YouTube Covers, and Twitter Covers. Banner Maker is versatile and provides many options to create a banner or cover photo that is totally unique to you. Get started now!

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